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Skills needed to create an upward spiral

Optimal well-being is when there is balance in all 8 of these main categories.


Though you know that you will feel better when you sleep better, have less stress, ... But this knowledge often doesn't bring you better sleep, less stress, ...

Our innate problem-solving skills don't always work well for motivating ourselves to do regular workouts, be creative, enjoy the present moment, ...

Luckily there is an arsenal of skills that can be learned to help you attain more balance in the category you want to improve in.

Bet before we dive into this, let's get to know ourselves better:

Fill out this questionnaire to learn which specific skills you can improve:

Model of health.png

Psychological flexibility is 'the' trait that is needed to empower someone towards optimal well-being.

We live in a world that is random. We have very little control over what happens to us: you don't choose who your parents are, what genetic disposition you have, how favourable your environment is towards you, who you will run into today and what kind of a mood he/she will be in, ...

Being psychologiacally flexible means being as present as possible while encountering all kinds of obstacles on your path, while changing or persisting in behaviour that is alligned with your values.

This requires you to hold your thoughts and emotions lightly, so your long term goals can be persued without being pushed off balance by short term impulses, thoughts and feelings.

The main skills that influence psychological flexibility are depicted above in the hexagon of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT, pronounced like the verb). And each of these skills are backed up by an arsenal of skills that are not depicted in this hexagon to prevent cognitive overload.

Click on the skill in the picture above that you would like to learn more about.

If you are curious to see the entire arsenal of skills that can help empower you towards optimal well-being, and you don't mind the cognitive overload, enjoy the mindmap below:

Skills model.png

This mindmap is not interactive. If you want to learn more, click on the skills in the previous image.

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